lncoherence 8.7

Much has been made of my incoherence notion -by me obviously. The question that discloses itself in clarity now is: is the incoherence that I express exists in a conceptual formation pre analysis on Derridean/Wittgensteinian horizons (incoherent coherence) the same as the incoherence found in the synchronistic phenomenon? This has certainly been my claim, that is that the sense of incoherent belief that this phenomena has a sense to it yet if you ask me how this sense happens I am unable to give it to you, that this sense is the same as the problem I have when I try to account for the wholeness of the sense of a words functioning. If this identity does not hold then I have simply reified incoherence and then linked two things. I can indeed would argue that this is find because the accretion of incoherence a priori links the two but this is unconvincing unless you accept the accretions themselves whose ontology is somewhat incoherent…


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