Strange Dialectics

The disclosure of strange things is only possible against a background of non strange things. These things are wont to be called reality. The business herein becomes strange. Consider that for us to have laid down what is real we must make a demarcation and say this is real. An ontology expresses this. That choice however must take into account the non-real as that which was decided against, indeed the non-real must have preceded the decision of the real. Hence when we consider our dialectic is the real is less real than the non-real. Do you see what I mean? If we insist that the real is what truly is, then there was something before this, the unreal. Is this gibberish? The real made an incursion into the non-real and claimed it as real but what was real, what was there was the non-real out of which reality sprang as the fundamentally non-real to the non-real’s true reality.


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