An Issue Concerning Epistemology

The matter is frequently posited as epistemological. Everything here is couched in terms of epistemology and the notion that reality in its various guises is always open or doubt -or the flipside of this: phantasy.

But what is the situation when we have not had the privilege of the scientific rationality in order to couch it in these terms? In this situation the incoherent faeries and spirits are simply what is. Under these circumstances, does a stubborn kind of soul utter phrases like ‘you fools there are no such things faeries’.

Is this identical to the modern world solidity? It surely is related. What circumstances allow the different manifestations to dominate. Quantum physics is not needed for the phenomenology in the Tractatus but its cultural impact has opened an incoherent window for people to believe there is a part of the accepted canons of knowledge which gives them its blessing.


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