Pneuminous Value 1.01 (rough notes)

To spell some of the obvious out, this means supposedly fictional characters have pneuminous reality of a similar order to magical spirits. The essential difference being that the noetic structure of a fictional character is precisely that and as such they behave differently. If however we attempt invoke a fictional character by some kind chaos magickal means then we noetically shift them into a different kind of accretion. Pneuma is capable of self awareness as this is what we are made of. Spirits rarely have this durability as they do not receive enough pneuminous noetic focus to sustain their being. Aspect perception is literally engendering being through the reified accretion. So the accretion is contingent and necessary. Seeing teddy as alive, makes teddy alive. Does it give him organs and blood? No. But then your organs and blood aren’t what makes you into the kind of thing you are. Phenomenologically this is the error. The person is a person by the same token, that they are perceived as a person. The pneuma accretes by others to make them what they take themselves to be. The self is a pneuminous accretion as such is contingent. As such the umbratic form (of whatever we call a human is) can take on more accretive selves, or lose self entirely.


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