Pneuminous Value

Constantly the idea recurs to me that pneuma provides a sort of solution to certain nihilistic issues, though frequently the clarity of this idea evades me and I am left only with the knowledge that whatever amelioration it provides it only shifts the problem away. The shifted problem however, sometimes seems to be enough. To make some kind of attempt to address it, the issue is something like this. When phenomena are seen to be nothing in the face of an all encompassing physics their value decreases and we are wont to see everything as nothing in the face of the endless universe. Pneuma cannot remove this entirely but it does mean that this old toy of mine is not just deludedly filled with my memories, it really is literally, possibly even perniciously so. This process is the same one as happens in ordinary perception, just the noesis is different and the differing noesis makes all the difference. If I buy something by a famous artist on the day they died as a souvenir then this item accretion has accreted to the death day and my own accretion, a unity of connection is made. This is psychologically true and phenomenologically magically true. This gets to the core of the purpose of the notion of accretion. I would argue however it is the magical notion that gives us the real sense of meaning for things and when they are merely psychologically true (of this kind) the emptiness pervades.


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