The Ontological Argument and Accretive Theory

Amongst the catalogue of observations in this realm is the notion that the ontological argument has something of the accretive flavour to it. If we say that because ‘I have the idea of a god therefore there must be a god’ (a simplified version of notion), we can readily see how it contains very little weight, or at least to the modern mind is unconvincing. Having the idea of something hardly entails its actuality. Saying that ‘because the idea is greater than me so I cannot have conceived of it’ does little more because I can readily conceive of many things ‘greater’ than me -whatever that might mean.

Yet from the accretive perspective it has a different meaning. Here, because I have the idea of a perfect God does entail that there is one, for they are being accreted in the very act of contemplation. The incoherence of the notion of God is problematic but as all concepts exhibit incoherence it is only a difference of degree and not of kind. Monotheistic Gods by there noetic nature have a different flavour to polytheistic Gods. Your Monotheistic God is all powerful. Is it transcendent or immanent? Really it’s both, the monstrous montheistic God accretion is necessarily transcendent and immanent, it can act like an interfering external power, or it can be all and everything. The notion is so incoherent no one can hope to figure it out in the first place but equally it necessarily is infinitely more powerful than us so it is hardly surprising it can behave in this way.

We have to side step the issue of the accretive formation of selves to talk about this because they need to be assumed to make any headway. In some sense of course the God accretion is the self accretion mirrored back into the sublime enormousness of everything (a Sartrean resonance strikes here). The God idea only exists by virtue of the self accretion, like an instantaneous artificial intelligence superior to ourselves, except unlike the overtaking of human cognitive power which may take decades, this happens instantaneously and purely by incoherent definition.

Let us apply our caveat to be clear. Down one corridor is a being with thoughts certainly reliant on the intertwining but still with them contained in the brain circuitry. Down this corridor, the informational is substantial (pneuminous). Here you can see the pneuma, look it’s there in front of you now, overlaying all that umbratic stuff, accreting to it, information itself. When you play in you mind you play with pneuma, everything you conceive exists pneuminously and as such not within your accretion (though necessarily attached to it). The monotheistic God accretion is the botched up accretion of infinity, power, sometimes goodness, sometimes capriciousness, perfection. All of these abstract terms are incoherent in themselves yet formed out of some curious dialectical dance with experience from an abstract potential, then reapplied to transcendent-immanence. Down here, the God is real and one of the most effective forms of Magickal disclosure possible; its actions supply the perfect hermeneutic for its own omnipotence supplying a feedback to support its parasitic accretive life. Thankfully this God, though an accretion of gargantuan age and size is as schizopneuminous as it is powerful. Fragmented, paradoxical, dispersed and contained the threads that accrete it, rend it similarly assunder.

Ironically this God manifested its accretion only through the self accretions as a pseudo-necessary sticking together of pneuma, which, once stuck together can scarcely be pulled apart -so hoary is its agglomerative power. After this fact this ironic God can indeed be found as an event within the pneuma that could be discovered in a manner very similar to the ontological argument and in this instance it would in a certain wise be true. Hence its accretion-creation renders it now as that potent monster, exceeding the human consciousness by an infinity and yet it is for all its seeming necessity: contingent.



Apart from the problem of self accretions there is yet another manifestation lurking in here. That however will have to wait for another day.


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