Art and Accretions

In the natural occurrence of the accretions we should recall that they can be formed actively. Of course we have covered many times how the creation of spirits is exactly that however the creation of an artistic work is also this. The combination of heterogenous elements in a certain manner is the attempt to make them stick together. Here the natural tendency of the pneuma to accrete does not always occur for as anyone forging any kind of artwork knows, sometimes the elements do not so readily accrete. Indeed it can take many attempts at combining before the art accretion displays itself. This is a separate issue in the apophansis of art. Under this theoretical gaze there is of course an accretion of art as a contingent necessity. When we say something is art we immediately attach this accretion to it.  The quality of the art as we deem it then is at least partially a matter of the way the elements are attached together insofar as the artist themselves have successfully welded these accretions one to the other.


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