On the Everyday Multiplicity of Paranormal Phenomena

What does the multitude of perceived paranormal instances that litter existence prove? Nothing of course  and the background ontology of the current science claws at each one of the phenomena, trying to drag it into its dark recesses. We must understand though that these phenomena constantly try to resist this dragging. Neurotically they can lodge themselves on the edge of this abyss, even when we wish to abandon them to it. Sometimes irrationally (if this is irrational) we adopt them and then re rationalise them. Think of magpie superstitions; many people will say ‘good morning Mr Magpie’ to ward off this evil, even though they would say no such power obtained. Something akin to Pascal’s wager functions here (why would you not say it?). The rationalised part will bracket the actual occult interference away, shifting the locus to a psychologically much more reasonable fear of unconscious actions (something equally uncanny when one contemplates it for any time, yet made safe by being safely sequestered within the subject). In this safer version we should still ward the magpie off for fear we will create our own bad luck; this or at least something like it is the background intution. I of course intimate that lurking behind the rationalised version is still the terrifying unacknowleged possibility that the world does respond in this kind of bizarre informationally integrative way, formed of viscous accretive pneuma that whilst mostly inert to it, can under the right circumstance shift the umbra in ineffable ways.

When someone’s car appears not to work at all and we have no idea why, then  we might say ‘come on old girl, you can do it!’ and the car springs to life suddenly, we are alarmed. We know, so we believe, that some mechanical fault was behind it and that coincidental to the fault’s autonomous undoing was the utterance. Yet here too, many will recognise the strange completely incoherent possibility that the car spirit (or accretion as I would call it) has heard our emotional plea and this pneuminous interference has made the once faulty machine come to life. In this instance, everything is too late for checking; everything was hidden. It is possible a mechanic can say what the fault most likely was after the fact, but suppose he cannot, suppose he can only supply a conjecture. Of course even more certainty of fault cannot undo this manifestation for we can still hold that the car spirit overcame the fault at that moment. We have here a problem of causation, yet a curious one. Why do we consider from just one instance that the occult answer may be the true one? The answer is simple. We don’t. What we do do though, in cases of certain event like structure, where the clear causal factors are obscured from direct perception, the phantasy is fail to stop this possibility existing.


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