Umbratic Speculations

To speak of the umbra is essentially impossible, or at least to say what the umbra is like. The umbra is not pneuminous, the umbra does not even necessarily exist. Its necessity as a phenomenological entity derives from the incoherent manifestation of externality outside of perception. This constitutes the problem. The problem of magick entails a power of information or as we phrase it in here, a pneuminous power. This is, in everyday being, so fine that it does nothing, yet in magickal phenomena it is the information that must have acted as an enormously powerful pivot to shift reality in some incoherent manner. When the pneuminous being attaches the pneuma around it this umbratic being is connected to pneuma. This connection must also maintain when the being moves, though in some lesser sense. When I think of that rock on the beach at night, I think of that rock on the beach at night and a pneuminous thread attaches into this dark recess. Of course I attach only to the pneuma as such yet in non-attending, this fibre persists, rendering it in this plane theoretically possibly to trace this rock back to my accretion. In this sense there is a pneuminous trace within whatever has been assimilated by the pneuminous beings. In this sense outside of awareness yet pneuminously traced being holds a double status. The trace exists there yet without the immanent pneuminous force being upon it, it is between the solidity of the pneuminous grasp and the potentiality of whatever else it might be in the umbra.

We much recall in writing all of this that this is just what is suggested in implication, not some dogmatic magickal physics. The pneuma must persist in the externality for the possibility of magick to persist in ‘a thing’. And if the incoherent appearance of the magickal ‘thing’ shows itself then the pneuma follows as a condition for this to be the case.


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