Wednesday: Accretive Example

What is ‘Wednesday’? It’s a day of the week.  What is a week? What is a day? We can go on with this line of questioning and get nowhere. In following the method we must note the manifestations. There is a manifestation of nothingness. That Wednesday is a use term that extends nowhere but its convention. There is time passing as observed by the changing light and this repetition we divide into a system. In this system we call a part of the repeating sequence Wednesday. If I want to know what it means, I just enter the community and as soon as I’ve grasped the sequence of repeating seven days and the order in which they fall, I can then say ‘today is Wednesday’ and others will just accept that. Correlative to this is an accretion of Wednesday. The word, the sound, the historical attachments, some ineffable how ground into the sequence of every 7 days. Impossible, nonsensical, incoherent and yet this incoherent manifestation weighs hard upon us. It can be felt that this is Wednesday in such a sense that it seems more than convention and yet rationally we can know its just convention. That feeling is all that is needed to give the tiny crack through which pneuminous accretive theory flows. If we feel designation, we feel pneuminosity, we feel the sense of the information attaching to the externality. We immediately might deny it yet the sensation is there. The impossible living nature of conceptuality such that this duration of light and dark, this one in seven is somehow impregnated with this information. Magick assumes this connection is possible. Modern life is confused by the possibility.


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