Today the hyperstition disclosed itself. I can see serious conceptual similarities with it and some of the notions that I’m attempting to work with. There will be something more comprehensive on this but for now a consideration of similarities of the central points.

(1) an “element of effective culture that makes itself real,”

Pneuminous accretive theory is certainly accommodating to this notion. Real here is not just kind of empty Harman-esque ‘every thing is real’ but rather a real that can interact with a putative physicality (reality distortions). What makes it real is the territory of the competing manifestations. Do we make it real or does it exist of itself? What are we in this instance? Both we and it are accretions of course. What accretive theory would say is it would need to be hermeneutically gifted with pneuminous awareness in order for it to act with autonomy.

(2) as a “fictional quality functional as a time-travelling device,”

Pneumious accretions as the site of magickal functioning, necessarily are not limited by temporality as humans experience it.

(3) as “coincidence intensifiers,”

Synchronistic activity within this realm is as a direct result of pneuminous interactivity outside of solid world parameters. If you treat the world in this way the accretions will respond.

(4)  as a “call to the Old Ones”.

The acceptance of pneuminosity could easily be categorised in this wise insofar as it opens the flood gates for any manner of beings to be formed. Primordial accretions could be recovered or uncovered.

What is different is that notion of a pneuminous accretion is a much more generalized concept that applies to all concepts and not just ones exerting magickal force. It makes it a continuous line between a magickal concept and an ordinary one with the difference being the interpretation of something as  magickal instantiating the effect. The hyperstitional idea though fits within the pneuminous quite nicely. Of course, a hyperstition is in itself an accretion with all the CCRU filaments that entails.


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