Potato Accretion.

Once I grew a potato in a small terrace house garden. The plant grew to quite a prodigious size and was positioned just outside the back door. As the foliage got larger it grew, not as I would have expected towards the lighter part but in fact straight towards the door. The leafy stems in fact extended so much towards the door that when you opened it the potato plant would flop into the kitchen. This became quite annoying but viewing the plant as an entity with some interest and affection I was loathe to curtail its expansion. The growth of course only took advantage of my kindness and pushed further still. After putting up with this for some time I began to joke that the plant actually wanted to come inside to be with the people. This idea, whilst a joke, I also recognised as having some sense of possible incoherent actuality. I was undeniably less philosophically reflectively involved in magickal thinking at the time and hence ascribing a kind of spirit sentience to the plant seemed quite reasonable (I’m not saying it isn’t now, I’d just be more reserved it and couch it more accretively). The potatoes self-inviting became more obvious as it relentlessly tried to extend the stems that pressed against the door. This strategy was ultimately self defeating for the plant, as it began to get bashed around by people opening and closing the door. I began to feel some sense of resentment for its suicidal tenacity, largely generated by the mess of mashed stem and leaves that was accruing round the entrance. After enduring this for a short time I decided enough was enough and truncated the plant appropriately so that its longing to be in the house could not be fulfilled. This worked perfectly well and the plant continued growing outside.

About a week later I noticed something. A potato appeared on the kitchen table and stayed there day after day. I don’t know why but I didn’t investigate it initially. I suppose because, knowing it wasn’t mine, I assumed it was something to do with my house mate. It didn’t go anywhere so after a while I examined it. It turned out not to be a potato but a stone that looked identical to a potato (at least until close inspection). I asked my house-mate about this curiosity and he replied that he had seen it lying around whilst out and had felt compelled to bring it home. He had not however (at least consciously) spotted its similarity to the aforementioned solanaceae. My magickal interpretive faculty flashed immediately on hearing this, it seemed quite clear what had happened: The potato power, had tried to make its way into the house, initially  in plant form. This avenue had been thwarted and it had rerouted itself in such manner that its place in the house would be assured i.e. it re-manifested itself in stone format and then signalled to the other entrance route (my house-mate) that it he had some need for it. He had been an easy unwitting ally of the potato and had brought it straight to where it wanted to be and there it now sat in front of me.

What went on there? Obviously we can lay it out as nothing more than coincidental stone and plant and need say no more about it. What is more important though is, deluded or otherwise (it is impossible to say) this was not the experience of it as viewed through the corridor. The experience here is one of pneuminous interference by the potato accretion. The background of magickal interpretation makes it possible; this allows the accretive world to function. Of course there is a degree of doubling there, pneuminosity is just a heuristic but also an accretion itself. That’s for another day though.

The magickal interpretation of the potato as potato spirit accretes pneuminous awareness to this potato plant or potentially liberates its existing awareness to new teleological heights (it wants to be with its fellow beings). The possibility is given that without treating the potato in this manner it would never have sought refuge in the house. This particular end was brutally curtailed but the newly formed potato accretion attached to that unutterable umbra was not to stopped. This pneuminous power exercised some ineffable manipulation on whatever is tomake its pneuminosity send an accretive tendril to re-manifest in the pneuminous sphere of the house mate. The house mate, was as it happens aware of my attitude even if he treated it as a humourous oddity. His awareness and being-in-the-house make him easily attached to the accretive entities involved and hence and easy target for the solanaceous machinations. This literal accretion of stone (no doubt an accretive link to my name) and pneuminous potato spirit tapped the pneuminosity of my house mate, compelling him to bring it with him. Once in he had no use for it and deposited it exactly where this simple consciousness wanted to be: in the kitchen. The accretion was then noticed by myself and I was able to immediately recognise its triumph, observing it both outside the window and curiously in the house in my hand at the same time.

potato accretion stone


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