Quentin Meillasoux: Discordian Agent

The philosophy of agency becomes more and more pressing as it discloses itself. The notion is the perception that philosophers, indeed all humans are agents for different conceptual agents. These have elsewhere been called manifestations. Manifestationism was more concerned with the competing philosophical positions and their disclosure. Implicit in this was always the notion that any kind of accretion has agents. Accretions that are ideologies/isms attempt to establish power through agents, as one of the beings that can accrete the pneuma, we’re necessarily a target (possibly the only target). These are the ones that are more interesting (philosophicallly) but of course these aren’t just materialism, idealism, empiricism, they are also communism, capitalism, conservatism etc. There are more too, there are all the religions, some of which have alliances with supporting philosophies. There is a ground accretion of the possiblity of God, of Gods, (monotheism, polytheism, worship of the old ones). The point being, once you loosen the connection of the ideas to the agents, you can see a picture in which the pneuminous powers seek to control the agents to dominate the pneuminous territory.

The contemplation of this idea lead me to thinking on Quentin Meillasoux’s thought. Not all of it (for now). I was thinking of the hyper chaos, the instantiation that the priniciple of sufficient reason is not necessary. It involves the conception of the Humean skepticism (which is an epistemological issue) of causation (we cannot make a necessary connection between cause and effect, only an empirical association), not as epistemological but rather as applicable to reality. It’s not that we don’t know reality won’t suddenly behave in some inexplicable way, it’s that it might really do so.

One point here that I want to expand upon at a later date is that this is very close to some of the things I say in here. What I would add is that the experience of synchronistic/occult phenomena exactly is the direct experience of hyperchaos. But then things ring in my pneuminosity. This philosopher advocating this hyperchaos is of course an agent as are we all. But who is he working for? The answer is right there of course. Meillasoux is an Erisian agent advocating the purest chaos of existence.  His ‘Quentin’ accretion might not even be aware it has being tapped in this way, yet surely it has been. Whether it makes sense to say he thought the Humean interpretation up or it latched onto his accretion, either way he has functioned as a voice for the goddess. If we needed further confirmation it is not difficult to find.

Quentin, is of course derived from Quintus, or fifth…


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