Pneuminous Constitution of Life.

This is it: When you perceive a being such that it is alive it becomes alive. This sounds errant nonsense but it is at the heart of what I want to propose. Life is not defineable with recourse to some scientific criteria but rather only by apophansis. Accreting happens greater when things are loved, there is an pneuminous investment made in the accretion. If I see a bee and find it marvellous, a living wonder, I might yet alsol perceive a very sophisticated drone that amazes me. I might be able to separate the mechanical perception from the living but after a while this drone might be more impressive than the bee e.g. insofar as it comes when I call it. I might then begin to develop a fondness for this drone, I might name it and so on. This has formed an accretion with a kind of mirroring consciousness as part of its disclosure (the drone has a kind of consciousness but now I attribute it with more). This kind of happening occurs in all manner of occasions: a cuddly toy, a car etc. This magickal perception of aliveness might be nothing more than the transference of feeling onto cold inert matter. But it might be something else. We are faced with another agnostic dysjunction. True it is not so strong a one as there is less experience and more feeling that such beings have a ‘life’ to them. Yet the synchronicitous argument returns to haunt this occasion. If the pneuma can interfere, generate related symbols to itself in being (interact with the umbra) then it can do it in the case of such perceived-as-alive-things. This dialectic of course also applies to ourselves.


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