Incoherence 3.4

Incoherence is a feature of the way we exist in pneuma. The structure of incoherent coherence and coherent incoherence have been described elsewhere, but briefly let us remind ourselves that the former describes the ordinary manifestation of the concept insofar as it appears to adequately demarcate its territory, whilst the latter is what we come to know about the concept upon analysis -that it is incoherent.

This notion though features in three notable places in a more general philosophy. The first of these is the perennial problem living and non-living. True this is just the same incoherence problem, as however the case is so important the invocation of the term also must be considered so. The issue crosses over and might be considered identical with conscious non-conscious, though the accretions are different. No particular answer sharply differentiation between the two is found in definition precisely because of the borderline phantasies of the awareness of the putatively unaware. This position says that essentially there is no answer in the sense we would like one. The borderline is incoherent and can be known to be so (with the caveat of a phantasy of knowing apodictically  lurking around). Whitehead’s solution of a mental pole that exists from electron to human in various scales is all well and good but it remains ontological speculation. We would be better to acknowledge that there is a manifestation of supposedly inert matter as also conscious in some sense. This receives greater and lesser grammatical grounding depending  what kind of accretions one is an agent for. A propos this post of mine the situation is confused further by the possibility that whether or not the supposedly unaware is aware or not turns on whether or not it is treated as aware or not, thus compounding the incoherence even further.

Thus a Whiteheadian theory can then be seen as the rise of a competing accretion in the pneuminosity rather than as the truth. The truth would be the competing/interacting pneuminous accretions.

The second incoherence involves the difference between humans and animals and the third between natural kinds and human made things. More will be said on these accretions in due course. However we note that between three of them they seem to constitute the fundamental field of incoherence.




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