OOO and Pneuminosity.

OOO seems to agree with me that accretions are incoherent (objects are inconsistent). At least I take these notions to express a similar thing yet I can pinpoint in Morton’s ‘Realist Magic’ book exactly where I disagree with OOO. On p61 he says “We can’t simply say that tables are lumps of blah that we call tables or
use as tables.” Probably I think we can. Certainly I agree they must be made of something, but it seems to me the table doesn’t withdraw in the sense Morton thinks it does, it withdraws because it is usage. If it is usage then no particular table can exhaust tableness because you cannot know what else a table might look like (or not in the case of a bizarre invisible gravity manipulating table). Tableness has been mistakenly conflated with the physicality whereas it was concept as use.

Pneuminosity does not stop at this Wittgensteinian end point but wants to acknowledge that some things look like tables as we think of tables in our conflation. The primordial usage which is the meaning of the word accretes pneuma, physically perceived pneuma attached to that usage, creating the table accretion. The table accretion is gives us this sense of an object, a table thing (the ooo departure point). This to me is the meaning of the readiness-to-hand/present-at-hand distinction. Meaning as usage and the accretive image correlate also correlative of coherent incoherence (word understood as usage), incoherent coherence (object that looks like an object as we know it, hiding its usage meaning).


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