Object/Accretion Struggle

There seems to be another incoherent distinction which warrants phenomenological attention. This division bears upon a previous demarcation between beings with awareness and beings without. This description turns on the fact that things show themselves in these categories despite the possibility we might learn it was just a continuum (degree not kind). Accretively the distinction makes itself real, the manifestation accretes conceptual power (related to the tragedy of reducing awareness).

The notion is used to counter a potential OOO argument contra accretive theory. OOO could claim that since the accretions persist outside humanness i.e. in a strong sense a hammer is still hammer. This is so because the umbra has pneuma accreted to it not just for humans. This pneuma might not even be registered by other beings but it is still there. Now if the spatio-temporality holds for other beings then the hammer as object is still there for a e.g. that rests upon it. There is a relation between the two happening at that notorious surface level. There is a kind of conversation going between the objects. Now in one sense this means, as they exchange is informational the picture begins to look more OOOish. The hammer information is withdrawn and the hammer-object displays that face of itself to the pebble. The accretion itself would be withdrawing showing like the object.

But pneuminosity does not seem to say this. For in order for there to be a conversation between pebble and hammer their discretion must be presupposed. The pebble does not though discretely perceive the hammer-object. The discretion has withdrawn. Certain kinds of beings bind pneuma in such was that it accretes (forms concepts). The manifestation does not have pebbles doing this (unless I had a pebble and made it through magickal practice into an egregore).

Briefly, because umbratic is of a phenomenologically different order to pneuminous being it does not form accretions. Objects are formed in pneuma, their interaction after the fact are still held in a pseudo-correlationist net (the pneuma-has stuck to the umbra).

The OOO world is the pneuminous world but it thinks its a world in itself. The OOO world is the world of objects as humans perceive them released into the world of physics as humans have it, then postulates alien relations between putatively continually separate objects none of which potentially have any sensation of each other as separate.

Pneuminosity accepts the imprint of information as formative of the object and maintains it does not leave that region of umbra. But this imprint was forged from the human accretion and this cannot be escaped. The imprint of human continual spatio-temporal continuity seems to obtain, but this seems is not  strong enough.

Why not? Back to the starting point. Because the paranormal grammar supplies the possibility that the picture is more fluid. The fluid world suggests the possibility that something ineffable happens. Information has the possibility to  change solidity. Being outside of immanent pneuminosity still is attached by pneuminous threads, but the extreme solidity of this picture is forced into doubt by the agnostic dysjunction.



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