Trying to make awareness present all the way through is such a nice philosophical salve but ultimately fruitless. At some point the incoherent border reappears in which conceptuality shows its self and then we struggle to say that this is the same as the rock smashing into the floor. The difference occurs in something like a Hegelian process. Does this complex cage the manifestation structure? Yes. Do we want to say that all things are simplistically pneuminous? This would land us dangerously close to ooo and grant them necessary independence. We can’t go there because it commits you to speculative metaphysics. What we can say is it appears to us that some things perceive in a living manner with various levels of abstraction and some seem to have no discernible ability to do this (stones etc). If we retain the pneuminous thesis it would seem that whatever goes on in this umbratic realm has no ability to bind pneuma. We accrete. This is the privilege of our kind of being  and this accretive power puts us in an bizarre dialectical relation to the umbratic because ‘pneuma affects umbra’.


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