If I look up into the night and I can only see the stars that I can see do I doubt that those other stars are present. Not at all. This is not a discourse against this. This simple example almost gives defeat to the whole project, it almost makes it worthless. It has a particular force because there is just distance inhibiting perception and not some form of blockage. If I cannot see what happens inside a cupboard I may speculate that the ontological status of this interior is in someway different. That is the expression that there is a strong notion of an externality that I form some conceptual structure around. In the case in which objects recede because they are too far away it is different. Here there is no impediment but space itself which is the very thing the agnostic disjunction  wishes to raise as questionable. Maybe it isn’t’ so bad, though it certainly has that appearance. No one said spatialise didn’t exist within immanence. But if the aware being determines spatiality, how does it, with no impediment reach a point  at which immanence ceases and virtuality begins. Things look worse still. Here is the unsatisfactory answer. Even this harsh wake up call is ignored. This presents a strong manifestation of spatio-temporal continuity but does this strength of appearance counteract the occult possibility? No it does not and it is precisely coherence that comes to its rescue. This strong seeming epistemological setting of the kind Meillasoux might like, is not flawed except by the construction of quite extreme argument. One being the paradoxical notion that there is a kind of bubble with a certain reach around us. This seems difficult to imagine without space being in the externality, but one could consider that the umbratic is commensurate with space without necessarily having it as it s defining feature. We do not need to dwell on this description, it is enough to illustrate the point that we begin. The opposing manifestation will find its expression because even this strong case is not not bulle proof. The case may look desperate but the preservation of the possibility of the awareness affect runs deeply. Abandoning it is not an option.


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