There is an intersection. There must be. The incredible continual existence of being in a spatio temporality shared by humans is such an enduring phantasy we find their interaction outside of immanence undeniable. In this incoherent world, if the things supplied themselves then they do dwell continuously in this region and talk to each other. This is something like the ooo world. For humans this darkness is the ambiguous umbratic. Do these relations obtain or are they just products of a phantasy of being outside of perception to within it? We cannot say what conceptuality may be exerting upon being but there exists the notion that it persists in this incoherent umbratic (two notions immediately even here, one that immanence exerts a difference and two that residual conceptuality remains after immanence. The virtual is affective and autonomous. The big remaining question is ‘do the things have pneuminosity or is there a relation that is umbratic that is different?’ Pneuma begins to look like a heuristic for the effect of doubled consciousness. The incoherent manifestations of difference between awareness strata show (possibly) the point at which radical virtual affectivity (pneuminosity) takes place.


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