Accretions and linkage.

Metonymy, metalepsis, metaphor, these are ways in which the accretions are linked together. These are descriptions of lines of power which hold an accretion together, yet these lines may be severed or at least weakened. New lines of power can always be forged through the aether. Stare at the clouds, see the shapes and figures appear. The informational aether manifests itself before your eyes forging lines to other accretions. The clouds carry this essence with them, indeed it is part of their accretion that they are a gateway to these kinds of images.

A metaphor presents us with an accretion immediately presented as the phenomenon in question. The previously presented accretion withdraws in its stead yet is still present under the priniciple of reality. A metaphor in this sense may have a φantastical element to it. Magickally through φantasy we can say that the overlaying of the metaphor can have an ontological effect.

The effect is ontological because here ontological means that realm in which φantasy has the manifestation of effectivity (though this effectivity is not theoretically thought out).

The metonym layers a name distinct from the original accretion over it. It does not touch it by the same kind of line, but travels along an associative axis, yet this too is a line of power.

The metaleptical cause no matter how dimnly and distantly conceived is too such a line. A line down which diabolical powers may travel -or indeed beneficial ones. The axis here may of course be not simply an associative one, but may also have this φantastical causal element to it.


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