Action of Informational Comprehension.

The informational comprehension of anything  (everything) is the drawing of it under a certain p-accretive framework. Philosophically this should be looked upon as an active process. This way of looking at it gives it a more sensible spin that gives us a better framework. We must treat the external to interpretive perception as unknowable. Solipsism is one kind of φantasy. However the appearance of solipsism shows us a certain kind of epistemological limit. It might not seem terribly coherent and we might need some serious extra φantastical notions to prop up our solipsism but we can do it and worry about it (on the basis that we have no proper grounding access to reality to tell us this isn’t the case (the principle from which φantasies grow)).

One aspect of trying to make sense of this is to not think of interpreting-perception as something that is bouncing off a series of things in a spatio temporal world. Rather, in a somewhat Kantian manner we should think of perceptions as somehow altering the whatever it is out there. The rays of sight striking the out there already imbedded with the informational interpretation accretively creating the world. This does not deny the world is still there in a sense (we do not know in what sense), but it does state the most likely hypothesis is that something happens to it when it falls under the awareness of a being [with awareness]. That is, if something is happening to something, what would make most sense, that something (being informationally assimilated) is effected by that something in some way or that it isn’t? So existence unfolds around us literally in a certain wise. Again we do not dogmatically state how things are, rather how it is profitable to see them in the down the corridor.


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