From whence does the disclosure arise? This problem shows again the conceptual region which we are tentatively calling phantasy. I cannot know where the arising comes from. To believe that I simply generate my ideal world is a possibility, but that it is but the reflection of an existing reality is also one -reality and ideality in a nutshell. The failure to make this decision prompts a facile synthesis ‘it must be somewhere between the two’, an answer of infuriating unhelpfulness which fulfills none of the craving. What is required is an agnosticism that recognises the phantastic nature of any movement in any direction. That which occurs occurs, that which sojourns sojourns, that which awaits awaits. But is this less infuriating? Certainly not and now it slides into irritating mysticism a la H, except I do not even have the fiat to write it. The call then is to the recognition of the phantasy, to the recognition of the epistemological stepping stone into the void.


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