How can I know that p is a fair interpretation of q given my limiting factors -my monadic existence as bound spatio-temporally? Probability deals with calculating the likelihood of something’s being the case. If we can know that randomness is occurs, we demonstrate it with a dice, and we can know that statistically curious seeming things are bound to happen sooner or later, can we process things in this light such that their curious possibility is utterly extirpated?

We must be careful in how we proceed. I do not doubt that the kitchen is still there, but I may apply my mind to the status of the kitchen somehow outside of my perception. I might use various scientific understandings I have to generate this un perceived perception, yet this worst of all problems does not go away for you cannot know the status of this realm. This is always dismissed and indeed its practical consequence seems negligible, yet what it does to thought is not negligible. Something like transcendental idealism is disclosed as absolutely the case -even if only phenomenologically so.

But is my interpretation of event p of this character? What is event p anyway? Event p is an event such that -from a given cultural perspective- something occurs which suggests the posssibility that the order of ‘reality’ as it is usually expected to be, seems no longer the case. ‘Possibility’ is important here for nowhere do we wish to state the actuality of anything -except maybe the actuality of the appearance of this possibility.

But event p itself has multiple horizons on which it might occur, should we lump them together so simply? Is seeing a ghost the same as a synchronistic occurence? If my ontology includes ghosts and omens then I do not need to feel so threatened in my reality -though I may still do so from the events themselves, though then this concern becomes more ontic than ontological.

Let us stick with the synchronistic occurence and say that is event p. I have a specific number obssession let us say and then I become obssessed with faeries. I see a reference to a faerie poem in a book entitled ‘the song of wandering aengus’. I buy a book of Yeat’s poetry only to discover that poem on the page number of my obssession. I am amazed at the universe. I do not make any statistical calculation, a sense of awe fills me at this possibility. But what is this possibility? Well either it is the statistical probability answer or, or what? Or I am being so egoistic to suggest that existence ordered itself in such a manner for me? This is insane and yet it persists. And what is more because of the first problem I am unable to correct it. I can give it no description, I can only speculate that somehow things are radically not how I thought them to be, or how they seemed to be .

But how did they seem to be? Surely they seemed to be like this. Did try to correct an error (very reasonably) or did we gloss over a fundamental feature of existence?


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