Invocation 1.01

Speech is devoid of mental content. Representations do not occur in active speech except where this is the aim ‘Imagine a red balloon, I will do so as well…’

Psychic accretions are not occurring parallel to every word, this would be a nonsense. Reflection upon words and their meaning however may bring representations to mind. These are not the meaning of the word but an aspect of the accretion (a visual aspect). Furthermore this kind of reflection is the invocation of the accretion. We ‘summon it to mind’, we literally do this. ‘But this is a mere idea…’ Yet still we do it, what is this power which calls these beings? The mind? The memory? Yet these are use terms, they designate less sensibly than the table accretion. Let us link the pieces together.

All discrete entities -such as they manifest- are p-accretions. All imaginary ones likewise. This of course includes the notion of non-material beings as found in magickal practices i.e. spirits.


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