On the Genesis of the Accretive Theory.

he inception of the p-accretive theory as found in ‘The Doctrine of Psychic Accretions’ is given as arising from the observation of states in which one desires something to happen which appears to likely. What happens then is that there is a disturbance from some unknown interferent. The irritated reaction to overcoming the interferent forms a kind of knot in the magicko-existential framework, such that the attempt to overcome the original problem also falls badly awry -now due to the knot. This may easily set up the idea in the intentional monad that further effort is required. This however only fuels the accreting knot further which now thwarts attempts to achieve the original goal in any manner of strange ways that existence can muster.

Such a happening is the original ‘psychic accretion’. People frequently experience such things in life, philosophies of the nature of Wu Wei recognize their existence and duly caution against acting to fuel them further.

Psychic accretions occur naturally all the time and are not all pernicious like the above described. Many objects accrete very little, everyday things that pass through our hands and mouths. There are accretions which correlate to the meaning of universals, some these kinds of accretions give rise to philosophies like Platonism and their ontological status is incoherent. We are epistemologically limited to there contingency upon ourselves, yet their appearance as (in some cases)


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