Perception of life [in]formation.

Perceiving existence under the auspice of psychic accretions gives a release to the possibility of comprehending the information as in some sense qualifying as living. It lives because it accretes (and dissolves). The accreted information is intricately linked -indeed constitutes also- the solidity of the world (epistemologically). Yet has ineffable ways of restructuring it (it has the apparency of restructuring it). Solidified information seeks to escape back into the aether. We are the solidied informational aether. The cup is also this. These words too. But a bifurcation is emerging that must (must it be resisted?). The informational processor and the processed and…the unprocessed.

The unprocessed is pressing. The scrawl on the page that is meaningless sat in a book that nobody opened, dwelling in the unprocessed space, on the unprocessed page. The active relation between the processor and the processed grants the processed life. The granting of life to the processed grants it greater life still -this is magick. But both are magick, just intentional and unintentional.


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