Pneuminous Assemblages

On the knife edge of possibility that we dwell, here where phantasy threatens to become reality we must be careful. On the this possibility we must take care then that our terms gather the pneumatic threads appropriately. Perhaps a psychic accretion is not what we are after. Perhaps psychic is too infected with a certain mentalism. We proffer pneuminous in its place, the assembling power of which we will all be able to appreciate. Assemblage has that Deleuzian connotation which in turn is no doubt taken from Heidegger -the gathering power of the thing. The pneuminous assemblage gives us an assemblage more fit for purpose than psychic accretion, which sounds fearsome and jagged. Possibly a pneuminous accretion could still be acceptable. Here someone might ask ‘and what is the difference?’ And the answer is just that vague difference in connotatikn whatever that may be to you and all the others who ever uttered or thought it.


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