Psychic accretive complex.

What is x? is answered by a psychic accretion formed of the informational aether. The accretion is given a name. The name is part of the accretion. A line has been attached to it from the monadic accretion -forming an psychic-accretive-complex. It is purely heuristic to talk of a discrete psychic accretion in the first place for they are all interconnected in a myriad of ways.
Each accretion has the possibility of being proliferated through analysis. The accretion is incoherently coherently whole. Accretive forms cannot be underestimated in possibility of size -where size is understood quasi metaphorically. A religion is a kind of accretion. Hideously weaving in on itself, overlapping, unfolding, concealing, disclosing. These psychic entities reciprocally effect their embedded monads, reinforcing literally the belief. The hypocrisies and incoherences there inherent  do not undermine the existence of such accretions, though they do indeed look bewildering. This incomprehensible morass of organised informational aether is comprised by the endless lines of constituting power emitting from the attached monads. Each monad in turn hooks into other systems. Such is the understanding of this phenomena down the corridor.
But being an embedded monad is not something abstract. It is this, you read the information right now, I write the information right now. Noesis binds the aether to the accretive forms.


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