Is there a structure identifiable here? Is it possible to utterly annihilate the occult impulse? If not then why? We postulate that the reason lies in what is more commonly philosophically understood as scepticism. The tradition of sceptical enquiry is rooted in subjectivity and inevitably fails in its proofs to obtain the external world and or other minds. It is quite correct that these epistemological adventures are pointless and that the foreconception of existence is justified in bypassing these concerns. What the sceptical enquiry as subjectively based covers over is the real a priori philosophical possibilities available here. Kant seems to have understood this in his notion of the pure intuitions of space and time as the synthetic a priori conditions of aesthetic experience. In this respect Kant is not to be read and argued about but rather to be experienced. If we attend to the phenomenon of our existence then we can sceptically understand that the transcendentally ideal nature of consciousness (as a consciousness experienced present-at-hand) is as he describes it. Why sceptically? Because sceptically we must delimit ourselves to a sphere of ownness and upon the criteria of the present at hand, accept that our knowledge is qua theoretical knowledge answerable to this level of rigour. As such a knowing which entails an awesome viewing of the appearance of the spatiotemporal framework itself can only be a apriori and yet synthetic as we derive it from this experience within the sceptical sphere of ownness, and yet within this sphere we understand our knowledge is increased. If there were no other phenomena ever anywhere we might observe in amazement spatiality as constituted in this way without any surity that it has this character outside of this immanence.

That which finds its reflection in philosophical scepticism we postulate to be the location of these impulses. This thesis implies immeditately that the sceptical realm be reclaimed, re-perceived, not as simply a bizarre philosophical paradox producing realm, but rather as a realm of being with its own definite character which might be explored and given, if possible, a structural outline.


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