The Corridor.

The corridor is felt acutely by the working through of these concepts. If one can accept this  kind of skepsis without solace and by following it through perceive anew events which one may have perceived as wrongly comprehended (the comprehension of synchronicity as coincidence e.g.). Then now you can understand that as you are trapped in something which can have the appearance of a solipsistic bubble (what I generally call monadic) your knowledge claims are limited. But then later I wrote that it was not solipsistic even in manifestation -though solipsism is a manifestation. It was incoherent, in the way I witter on about, still conncted, absolutely affirming of others wandering in reflecting, changing existence.

So when you turn to face the other phenomena free of your desire to account for them in any previous structure we attempt to account for them in other ways. This is the corridor I feel. For down here lie the psychic accretions and the φantasies and whatever other concepts that may yet disclose themselves.

The corridor is an opening but it is not easy to see or accept.


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