The Doctrine of Pneuminous Accretions -1

1)      Beware! Things are not as they seem, your discrete world is permeated by something else. What is this else?! I hear you cry. This else is the impossible double of all things that makes them things at all! What nonsense! I hear you cry. There can be no double to what is! Yet there is; the impossible pneuma makes all things what they are.

2)      What is this pneuma of which you speak and how is it the double of that which is? The truth if we dare to use this word here: is that it is not the double of things, it is the thing itself! But it is the double insofar as there is something shadowy and mysterious which the pneuma attaches to. This shadowy behind is necessarily there yet only the pneuma shows itself.

3)      The pneuminous is not solid but gossamer fine. It weaves its fine web around us. It cocoons the shadow world in glorious being and allows it to be.

4)      The shadow world is severe, inhospitable, in-human, without the pneuma we would surely go mad and die.

5)      In this way the pneuma cradles us. It showers us in things. It gives us ourselves.

6)      But these things in their simple manifestation may attract more pneuma; thus the pneuma accretes, it sticks together and forms great chimeras and monsters. These ethereal beasts may float freely or they may reach out towards us and attach. Beware!

7)      You cannot see their attachment directly but you can feel it. See that beloved thing of yours. That beloved thing is a pneuminous accretion! It may not be pernicious (yet), it may be just a relatively small attachment to your self-accretion, floating along behind you, attached my its pneuminous thread.

8)      Know this too! That shadowy world and the world of the pneuminous, they are not separate! The shadow world appear impervious to the pneuma, like it is just a vessel for it, but this is not true, for in some instances the pneuma is so fierce and powerful that it can move this shadowy world in its likeness.

9)      The human accretion disputes this; it would wish it were not the case. Give me my pneuma but let it be just the harmless showing of the shadow-world. Yet the pneuma will not lie down and be this epiphenomena, in the right time and mode its claws stick firm to the world of shadows and rend it out of shape.

10)   There is no escape from the pneuma for the being of awareness, for the awareness is formed by the pneuma, even the talk of the world of shadows is the pneuma in action.


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