The Ethics of Phantasy

When we consider things from a certain phantasy we can be quite worried how things might be. Worried at least if we were entrenched in perceiving a world in which there was a real outside of things separate from myself -a reasonable appearance for sure. Yet one of the competing appearances we are unable to rid ourselves of is our constitution of this outside. Indeed this is of the strongest necessity in some form -informationally. Then we must presuppose some kind of substance that the information is laid over in some manner. Appealing in various ways. A monad which constitutes in a more radical manner is yet another rational option. This radical constitution -an aspect of the doctrine of psychic accretions- has the corollary of a certain potential ethical involvement. That is, if we are in some sense constituting our world by our intentional awareness (in a strong sense) then we should be careful which things we direct ourselves towards, for we are not simply reaching out to ‘some set of things out there’ but actively choosing an involvement in certain type of world, which we are allowing our intentional awareness to be tapped by. If we are content to be dragged hither and thither that is one thing. If we are not, we should care for which way our awareness is dragged.


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