The Importance of the Tractatus.

What worth hangs upon the Tractatus? How can we give it a value? Values can be created, I place my value here and yet I am not sure of what I do. The Tractatus says ‘you do not know what is going on at the ground of Being’ and when you say you do, still you are not sure and can never be sure. The Tractatus says ‘here is a stick bent in a glass of water and yet you may not take that stick out to check if that bend is false, it will look to you forever bent. That bent appearance will haunt you forever. The Tractatus says, because the stick looks bent and will always do so, your grammar will always reflect this and you would be wise to realise this. The Tractatus has importance as an idea which cannot properly be spoken but the description of which in certain horizons can be made. It has, if taken to heart, a restorative value for humanity. The pneuma validates things in a way that previous thought did not.  Special things really are metaphysically special and as such ontologically special because they have accreted pneuma (this metaphysics is the manifestation of metaphysics). This pneuma is real not just to you but to anyone -though they might not know about it, because accretive content is not manifest. Every incoherently coherent idea that ever was, is validated and nihilated by contingency simultaneously. Yet the validation should be sufficient to keep the wolf from the door. It opens vistas of metaphysical reality, it gives all creation the magic it longs for in its φantasy. It turns Plato’s forms into contingent accretions and Jung’s archetypes likewise. The contingency is a strength, we are not locked to certain archetypes, their transcendental nature is not absolute.

The importance of the Tractatus is that it places all bickering philosophical schemas where they should be: as accretions and φantasies. They are accretions because they have acquired pneuma and become globules of information in that realm. They are φantasies because people cannot prove them one way or the other and as such they re-manifest over and over in similar forms, all is love, all is will, all is idea.

The Tractatus is important as it gives us the proper metaphysical response to Wittgenstein, who nearly, so nearly ended everything. But fiendish manifestation of Magick (note always not its ontological reality) lets in the manifestation of the pneuma.


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